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These are some recordings from Greenote Studios. You can see information about the studio facility and equipment at:


  • Kevin Johnson  Organ Donor tickles the ivories. okay it's a piano

  • Semifunk   Quasi Jazz dudes show their funky side

  • Defenders of Jupiter    Astron Alum: Chris and Charger

  • Barrett Nelson Project    Nylon Cornicopia

  • Steve Throop Group    Bluesman with Big Pipes

  • Bob Basa Nylon Maestro does some solo work

  • Lapstravaganza Freddie Roulette teams up with some local Lap Steel pros.

  • DanRobbins_SteveRobertson_Bob Basa 
Super Trio tracks 4 Tunes

Lord Superior and Michael Horne track with Santa Cruz maestroes

Lord Superior Calypsonian Master tracks new and old tunes before returning to Trinidad.

Wasabi Brothers Ron and Alex Work are joined by Dan Robbin for this groovy trio.

Wes Anthony Sax wiz does Equal time on Bari, Tenor, Alto and soprano Saxes.

QuasiModal Trio Guitar man talkes over comping duties;Sweeney Schragg, Chris Haskett and Pete Novembre go Keyless

Oren & the Hiccups Oren Pfeffermann, James Taylor, Shahir El-Shaieb and Todd Ridgway make music for the kids and adults.

QuasiModal4 Sweeney Schragg, Chris Haskett and Kent Cressman are back in the studio with stand-upper Pete Novembre.

Adam Charp Bassist stretches out with two different quartets.

Rogue Cheddar. Darryl Sweet is older now, but he decided to ressurect the 90's IV Punk. I remastered 16 songs from the Vision, 17 slices, mental fruitcup no. 6, and from two live radio shows.

Funerals: Natalie Loveless voice-over diaglogue for documentry DVD.

The Moment Presents Daniel Steinbock, Marko Rodriguez, and Adam Charp play some soulful rock.

QuasiModal3 Sweeney Schragg, Adam Charp, Chris Haskett and Kent Cressman are back for the third time

Barrett Nelson Nylon Guitar Virtuosso tracks at Greenote

QuasiModal2 Sweeney and Crew are back at it with Kent Cressman at the keys. Photos by Jason Cozy.

Phree Radicals Santa Cruz funk titans Whooley, Robbins & Shannon track at Greenote

Oren Pfeffermann Kid Songs by the Pepperman

QuasiModal Sweeney Schragg, Adam Charp, Alan Peevers and Chris Haskett record at Greenote

Dan Robbins bass tests

Shawn White The IV surf genious in tow with Scott Bell and Jamie Taylor. The four Cassettes and Xmas music.

James Taylor at the drumkit

Oren Pfefferman

john whooley@phreeradical recording session


Charles Vincent Robb Ridgway turns 3

Charles Vincent Robb Ridgway turns 2


Charles Vincent Robb Ridgway born May 7, 2006

Charles Vincent Robb Ridghway

more photos

Tsunami Relief- ETCH

My brother Reid is living in Phuket Thailand. We were chatting on IM when the tsunami struck. He was on high ground and is safe, however many of his friends are not. Reid has started a non-profit relief organization to help displaced Thai workers in the Tourism and dive industry. Please see the new site.


click here for Reid's photos of the devestation.



Hello Everyone,

I'm calling on my network of friends and family at this time. I am organizing a private relief fund to directly benefit people that I know personally. Here in Phuket, I am in the midst of an enormous and tragic loss of life and living. I have so many friends who are suffering without homes, businesses, family members, and without hope. I have been out trying to do what I can in the immediate crisis. There is so little aid coming in, and the big organizations are very inefficient at using what little aid that is coming. My friend Marco and I are going to distribute help and to create a video document of our efforts to do what we can.

Many have asked what they can do.... offering to send blankets and medical supplies, and food. The supply chain is fine because the interior infrastructure is intact. There is shelter and food, fresh water, clothing, and supplies available here, but there is no money to buy these things. It is far cheaper to buy them than to send them, and takes far less time than the enormous organizations will take.

If you feel that you have it in your heart, please give generously. If you have no money but would like to help– Please pass this email to everyone you know, and to your communities, churches and organizations. All money given will go directly to the effort of helping those who are suffering. This is my personal guarantee and my commitment to the people on both sides of this enormous human tragedy.

Anyone contributing can deposit directly to

Bank of America account # ##########
in my name Kerry R. Ridgway

When doing so please send an email to
reidridgway@yahoo.com and include your full name mailing address and email and contribution details.
This will form a mailing database for us to send you our documentation or your contribution and our efforts to use it well.
Thanks everyone.

With love
Reid Ridgway
Phuket, Thailand



Chocalate Chip Studio Hound #2

At the mixing board in Greenote Studios

mike shannon@phreeradical recording session


dan robbins @ monterey Jazz Fest

dan robbins@phreeradical recording session

ChrisHaskett, SweeneySchragg & Quasimodal Quartet track at the TAR-Pit